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Pellets, tapes, hybrids, woven forms


ICS Inc. provides comprehensive engineered solutions with high-end thermoplastic composite materials and components. ICS Inc. specalizes in:

  • Advanced Panelized products
  • Extrusion-compression molding of long fiber thermoplastics
  • Long fiber injection molding
  • Composite parts design and analysis
  • Application development from concept to prototype to commercial parts
  • Process modeling and simulation


  • Tornado resistant paneling and modular above the ground shelters customized to bathrooms, closets and interior rooms of any home, office, or commercial building
  • Aerospace - lightweight-high strength, fire resistant aircraft interior parts – seat accessories, baggage compartments, stowage doors, floor panels & electronic enclosur
  • Energy (Offshore and power, deep sea applications, FRP piping, scrubber, liners etc.), Corrosion, high-compression, impact resistant applications
  • Defense and Force Protection - riot shields, force protection barriers, vehicle armor, personnel protection (helmets & body armor), air vehicle armor kits and ship structures.
  • Automotive and Transportation – automotive modules, mass transit, rail, passenger vehicles (side access and roof doors, body frame panels, floor modules, trailer liners etc).
  • Wind  energy (composite wind blades, enclosures).
  • Medical prosthetics (lightweight crutches, polymer eye patches, bone implants etc.)
  • High-end automotive and motorcycle (high-performance 2-and-4 wheel vehicles; carbon fiber intensive vehicle parts)
  • Infrastructure & higway noise barriers, modular housing, hurricane protection shelters


Engineering design & prototyping of lightweight, high-performance fiber reinforced composite parts and components that replace metals. Metals are heavy, can corrode and require frequent replacement. Most traditional composite applications are limited to unreinforced polymers (without fiber) or use very common resins such as polyester or epoxy and specialize in the very low-end commodity goods. The Indian market has significant potential for composite materials parts, components and structures in the above listed sectors. The manufacture of cost-effective, high-performance parts requires extensive integrated design-materials-processing experience and knowledge. ICS specializes in components that have been targeted for manufacture, are highly complex and require an iterative approach, which has already been established.

Example of ICS product - Thin walled long fiber part

Access door for truck and mass transit bus