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ICS specializes in value added engineered solutions and products. Long fiber thermoplastics (LFT) are a family of composites where long discontinuous fibers are incorporated into a variety of semi-crystalline or amorphous thermoplastic resins. The primary advantages of LFT composites are their superior mechanical properties and reduced tendency to creep, compared to unreinforced thermoplastics; and ability to fill complex geometries, corrosion resistance and low weight, compared to metals. They have superior fracture toughness and excellent vibration damping, recyclability, short manufacturing cycle times, infinite shelf life and high volume processability. Glass, carbon, aramid and other reinforcements are used with thermoplastic resins such as polypropylene, polyethylene, high density polyetheylene, nylon, polyphenylene sulfide, poly ether ether ketone and others to produce a range of unique fiber-resin combinations in LFT parts. ICS specializes in offering uniqe product solutions utilizing long fiber thermoplastics and related material forms to reduce weight, energy consumption, improve mechanical properties such as tensile, flex and impact. The ability to choose the fiber aspect ratio (length to diameter ratio) for different reinforcements in differnt polymer combination and processing condition can reduce cost, cycle times yet improve performance of the part. ICS can create value-added parts due to its experties in integrated process-product development methody. These include optimized rheology and flow of the viscous fiber melt in the tool, cycle times, optimizing pressure-temperature and related process parameters, appropriate material by desig and tooling, prototype to commercial parts in relatively short times.  The applications resulting from this integrated approach reduce cost and weight of the end product realizing life-cycle cost savings to the customer.  

Long fiber pellets

Charge resulting from pellets

Processed plate (product)